Sunday, September 25, 2016

Angry Malteses

London is angry stating that "Russia is prolonging war in Syria" while Vladimir is walking like peacock. It is true arbiter and in this geo-political game some has lost a mind. For just a million of dollars. 

When Nazi in Sobibor was recruiting Jews for their deadly game they was offering them a life and freedom. This way many mainly from their desperation has come into night trying to get their Srebnik.  

Instead of sliver they has received the lead. Straight into their heads. Nowadays, Maltese are not offering such a thing like a life but the devil is inducing by million of dollars. Such a sum is offered by the Order for a head of the Lord.

Was this a reason for Max? How many others will follow him for a money or just for a satisfaction and insane revenge? They does not understand a geo-political trap that the Lord has prepared for them and are landing straight under a Russian tanks.

That is true that the Lord is no longer protected by the Holy Bible but he has found another way to defend himself. Without him Poland would be long time ago lost. 

Because if there will be no Lord there will be no chances for a peace with Russia. Nobody else can convince the Messiah to not give the Cold Fusion to the West. And if there will be nobody like that, the only option would be a war. 

This seems to be too complicated not only for Polish Minister of Defense Antoni Macierewicz but for many others that would like to gain this million that otherwise would be paid to the Lord. 

In the Bible he has said that the end is like a thief that would come at night. And for Poland, and maybe for whole globe it is very true nowadays. Its devil's trap, dear Antoni.

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