Friday, September 16, 2016

Brat i slava

"Sometimes I think that I am dreaming. And every morning I am opening this same book and I am reading this same words, to deepen my essential wisdom. And from that book I am taking my daily bread for the soul. And I am alone as the spider in his net. Such I will be until the death."

On the EU meeting in Bratislava we have heard from mouth of the block President Donal Tusk that they "have a plan for the coming months". What kind of plan it is when it comes to the Lord?

It is nothing more but simply execution point by point of the same Maltese script they run almost each generation. The next stop in it will be a 'meeting with Raga' - one of not so famous Witkacy mystic painting.

Well, there is indeed whole group of Kabbalah ladies waiting for the Lord. Its same group he meets every century and it would be nothing bad in this if they would not be used as a smoke screen for true beasts - Malta clones or rather clowns.

When Polish Foreign Waszczykowski has noted that 'bad solutions for future are coming from EU institutions' he was only partially right. He still does not see that the biggest monster in this play is right behind his back. It is possessed by obsession of revenge for his brother Mr. Hindenburg

And Tusk will exploit the situation. Soon leader of PiS, prominent Malta cavalier will commit political suicide and will take over not only Our Lady but also will coordinate other replacements. 

You can no believe in this but will see this not only through the eyes of Mother of God but also by the Kabbalah ladies that will soon surround the Lord. The Witkacy paintings will soon revive to herald new World War. The Fusion War...

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