Thursday, September 1, 2016

Building trust

After yesterday post Sergey Lavrow announced that “the West have much to do in order to restore Moscow's trust”. What this words means in the context of our Cold Fusion dialogue?

The Poland must understand how grave is the situation. If there would be no Messiah, the first-born son of the Lord, situation would be simpler as the deal to strike with Moscow will not need a three sides.

Nowadays two persons - the Lord and his son - have a right to decide on the eventual Cold Fusion exchange. Therefore there is a need for this two to meet and discuss the situation.

The Messiah will be matured enough to have a right to exchange the Fusion in 8 years from now, as he was probably born on September 2013. This is a time frame in which we must count with the Russian aggression.

From the other hand there is a rumor originating from the Radziwill Palace in Warsaw that Lord first-born son is not of Jewish race but Arian, thus is not the Messiah. If this is true the situation will be again simpler, as it would be only the Lord that would have a say on the Cold Fusion.

However this rumor must be confirmed by Russian scientists, as they will have to be sure that there will be no interference in the deal. No surprises.

This is thing that the Poles must understand and undertake if they want to avoid Russian invasion on the country. A invasion to take over the Lord nest.

But it is not only Poland that have much to do. Currently the Lord is pretty neutral if it comes to the issue of Cold Fusion. The West treated him badly but also the East is no different. So he is in equal degree pro and anti exchange.

This is one thing that the Russians must understand. The other thing is that they must show the Poles how grave is the situation. The movement of the Army on the Western border of Russia is a good way but it is not enough.

They must show the Poles not only that their situation is grave but also that there is political will towards negotiating the peace agreement with the Lord and the Messiah. Otherwise we will find ourselves in the dead end where the only solution will be a war with Poland.

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