Saturday, September 3, 2016

Chinese dragon

While Lord is after his experiences with the West and the East is equally balanced in favor and against the Cold Fusion exchange he is once again cautioning current and future Presidents of United States on their stance on the Shout China Sea.

We still does not know if it will be possible for the Lord to meet and talk with his firstborn son in the coming years and if the peace agreement with Russians will be reached but for the United States one is sure. If they want to achieve independence from gas and oil imports they must propitiate China.

They must drop their negative attitude against this great nation and they must turn to the China to convince them to form the Fusion Alliance. Together the West and China can resist the Russian invasion.

There shall be no doubts if Russia will attack Poland in the coming years. They will do this to secure the Lord nest and block any transfer of the Cold Fusion to the West. Their huge income and future is at the stake.

The West must be prepared for this scenario and must be prepared to defend the Poland from before Russian invasion. But is it able to do this alone? One is sure with Chinese Dragon things would be much easier.

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