Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Cold Balance

How unbalanced and detached from reality is this creature in White House was well illustrated on Tuesday when US has announced biggest in history military aid to Israel.

For what Jewish States needs this money? For another adventure in Lebanon? For a war with Syria or maybe to attack their arch-enemy Iran we do not yet know. 

Why the Lord is so upset on Obama policy that will be continued by crawling on all fours Hilary Clinton? It is a paradox that on the very same day Polish Minister of Smolensk Defense Antoni Macierewicz announced that American anti-missile system would cost us dozen of billions of dollars...

At same time, to upset potential ally China Obama has deployed, for free, THAAD system in South Korea. Citing possible threat from North. 

Mr. Obama, Ms. Clinton, why it is Israel which receive this money? Is it South Korea that is under threate of invasion by the Russians? Is that Israel that is possibly offering the Cold Fusion exchange? How you are deatached from the reality? Keep adventuring on the South Sea and do not think about the near future...

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