Thursday, September 22, 2016

Cold Strategy

One of biggest mistakes of current administration of Barack Obama is their stance on the South China Sea. This fallen strategy that is only angering otherwise potential ally will be certainly continued by Hilary Clinton.

The mankind could be offered one day a ultimate solution for their energy needs but to make it reality the US and whole Western world must prepare for long war and must look quickly for an allies in it.

The Lord or his firstborn son could one day offer them a ground breaking invention of the Cold Fusion that would forever end an Oil Era but such a move would provoke immediate response from the Russian Federation which status quo heavily depends on the fossil fuels exports.

On the Russian side there is growing understanding of the situation and soon a military moves would start that will end in the imminent invasion on Poland. By securing the access to the Lord nest where the Cold Fusion secrets are stored Russians will secure decent future for their nation. Therefore will not back from invading Lord's country.

The NATO has made first move already and soon NATO battalions will be established in the Baltic countries and Poland but looking from the military perspective it is only a gesture that will not have any real impact on the Fusion War that is nearing with every month.

The NATO must expand this movement and engage further into region. This must be treated as the top priority for the Western politicians if one day they want to achieve fully independence form the imports of oil and gas.

But there is also other side of this Cold Fusion coin. The potential alliance of China, India and South Korea that also would like to drop their addiction to the oil and gas imported from Russia and Iran.

If the United States would drop their adventurous policy in the South China Sea it would open a possibility of forming such an military and political alliance against common foe – Russian Federation.

Such alliance on this day seems not probable but it is only because aggressive and conformist policy of the United States.

If the next administration would be able to understand how big change the Cold Fusion can bring not only to the people lives but also on the geopolitical stage maybe they would be able to build such a broad alliance in the upcoming Fussion War...

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