Sunday, September 18, 2016


 "There is no escape from before the mug, as only into another mug and before the man you can hide only in the arms of another man. But from before the ass you cannot hide at all."
Witold Gombrowicz,

Lord grandfather once has written about Soviets that "communism is just a red fascism" and we have seen that mantra again at the Kremlin. While Lord is talking about future of this world, Russian are downplaying the situation, 'assing' him, as Gombrowicz would say.

Yes, there will be a Presidential Dacha, yes there will be plenty of matroshka. But it will be only illusion to calm down the masses. The dacha would be rented only for moment. Blond girl would be forced and the black one killed. 

But this is not only thing Kaczynski fascist would do. They will murder and replace Our Lady together with top of the world leaders. This brown revolution will take over the world at the West and the East. Everything behind the smoke screen for naive voters. 

The Bolshevik fraction can downplay the situation but this will not change how grave it is for Poland. It would be Bolshevik that would gain most on this brown riot. They will once again open the gate for invasion on Poland. This time not in name of ideology but simply to keep up revenues from oil and gas. 

That is why leaders like Putin, Medvedev and irreplaceable, possible next President, Sergey shall influent Duda stance on the meeting of Lord and his first-born son. 

We do not know if this will help, as he is only Malta puppet and it is crack involved but we must do everything to save the world from another great war. The Fusion War.

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