Thursday, September 22, 2016

Direction Arctica

While the Lord is cautioning Trump of not repeating Chinese error of Obama administration in same time Vladimir Putin has taken a part in opening ceremony of Russian northernmost land-based oil field.

It was yet another event in string of events regarding expansion of Gazprom into Arctic territories and important sign that Russians are not going to leave their huge income from oil and gas exports anytime soon. 

This would mean a war for the Lord nest. A war to block the Lord or his firstborn son to exchange the Cold Fusion with the West to gain independence from the oil and gas exports.

However this war can be easily avoided, if both Lord and his firstborn son will agree to postpone introduction of the Cold Fusion to make a transition period longer and to switch from oil and gas in more natural manner. So nobody's economy will be harmed.

It is possibility that the President of Poland have. If he want to avoid the war he must agree on such a meeting between the Lord and his lost son, so they could both agree on postponing the exchange.

However, if the Russian side will continue to ignore the issue and no decision regarding opening the direct dialogue with the Lord will be taken during this and upcoming meetings of OPEC and non-aligned countries, then such a fragile chance for peace, a chance that will need a high level of trust between the parties, will be lost.

The road of war is for sure simpler for Russians but they must not resign from peaceful solution. They must enter a direct negotiations between the parties and stop to ignore this issue. Otherwise this regional conflict of interest can easily change into global one.

The Lord is not willing to exchange the Fusion but if Russians and OPEC will not take up the initiative and will be making such agreement in last moment  it will be a nonsense.  A lot of work is awaiting all the sides, if we want to achieve long lasting peace, stability and prosperity for all involved.

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