Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Dressing Obama

Lord does not know if he has fallen into love with Putin but for sure he is disrespecting Obama and with disregard is observing Clinton crawling on her all fours for the death. For a power. To be killed and replaced.

The Lord will not be sad when both will meet such dead end. He will even not spit after them. Obama failed policies has put the world in wrong direction and if somebody is responsible for the upcoming Fusion War it is Obama personally. 

It is not only about gratis THAAD deployment to South Korea. It is not only a record breaking military aid to the Jewish State. It is not only angering potential ally stance in the South China Sea. It is foremost a way he has treated the Lord.

Most of the time Lord has spend ether on the streets of Brussels or in the Belgian Prison under idiotic terrorism charges. Obama did nothing to release him from it. Looking back Obama did nothing for him, ever. 

And for this inaction the people on both side of globe are going to pay a price. For their redemption the planet Earth for once again will be washed down in the bloods of hundreds of thousands, if not millions.

But what is most painful is his betrayal of the black voters. Most of them are cheering poorer one of Raga twins. It is also the Lord wish to give her chance. But he will not take her up on the street. 

And what Obama has did in her favor? Buying his daughter a dress for 50 000$. A money that would be enough for the Lord to rise his company and have descent future with poor Raga. 

That way, also thanks to Obama, he will take the rich one. Its Michell and Obama fault. Very personal and painful fault of lame duck from White House. Shame on You, Obama. Very black shame...

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