Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Duda and lost child

The situation of Poland is not funny. Russians will do anything to block the Cold Fusion exchange taking over the Lord nest and the country. However, the hope is not yet lost. Read of peace deal proposal in the letter to Polish President Andrzej Duda.

Dear President Andrzej Duda,
I'm writing to you in the case of my lost son. As you are fully aware it has been born when President Kwasniewski was governing in Radziwill Palace. Therefore you or your collaborators shall be in knowledge of his whereabouts.

The situation is serious, as when he will be matured enough, he as I will have a right to decide not only on the upcoming Judgment but also on the future of the Cold Fusion. A ground-breaking invention that would make mankind no longer dependent on the oil and the gas imports.

This situation is putting our neighbor before the truly to be or not to be question. To protect their huge income to the budget they would do anything to block the possible transfer of the Cold Fusion technology. Blocking it by military intervention. Blocking it by taking over the Lord nest and thus Poland.

However, I have extended my hand to the OPEC and Russians offering them a peace deal. In exchange of economical and security guarantees I would postpone introduction of the Cold Fusion so they could switch more naturally from oil and gas exports. This way an otherwise imminent war could be avoided.

This peace deal however need to be also accepted by my firstborn son to be fully effective. Therefore I am asking you to make possible my meeting with him. I hope that you understand in how grave situation our country is and you will do everything to make such a meeting successful.

Kindly Regards,
the Lord

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