Monday, September 12, 2016


Lord welcomes the investment proposal in his company by one of Qatar's Sheiks and wishes all the best to all the Muslim pilgrims and those that are celebrating his Eid-al-Adha festivity.

The recent decision that in reality is coming from the Saudi Arabia Kingdom is maybe first such approximation between the Lord and the Sunni people since the times of Prophet Mohammad. 

This gesture of friendship and peace will be remembered through the centuries and the Lord hopes it will be even further expanded so we will together find a reasonable compromise on the Cold Fusion issue. 

Regarding sacrifice of King Salman nephew and the Lord direct adversary  prince Talal bin Abdulaziz Lord express his satisfaction from his resignation. 

At same time he is appreciating prince reflection on 'the national interest of the Kingdom' and expresses hope that the Prince will turn back to the road of true faith of his ancestors and will desist his Satanic desire of 'bringing controversy'.

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