Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Jews by birth

"We ourselves are Jews by birth and not Gentile sinners;"
Galatians 2:15

Who are Jews? Are they equal? That are questions on which most of not only Gentiles but also Jews themselves does not know the answer. It is a New Testament that is segregating them on Jewish converts and Jews by birth.

Many are disrespecting people of Israel not calling them Jews but Israelites. Is that right? In some sense it is correct segregation. In the racial terms most of citizens of Israel aren't of Jewish origin of the Jewish race.

But who is the Jew then? The simples answer is that they are those that are believing in the Lord and are keeping up his promise. That obey the Tohra.

However among those that keep up sign of the alliance with the Lord are those that are descendant of Issac son of Abraham and those that at some point in their history has been converted to the true faith. They are respectively Jews by birth and Jewish converts.

Until the Holocaust there was no need to separate them so clearly but it is hidden truth that Hitler was not an enemy of Jews as the nation. What he was doing was ethnic cleansing based not on religious views but on the racial terms. While he was exterminating Jews at same time had an alliance with Israeli Revisionists.

And that is the truth and the difference of the Jews of the West and the Jews of the East, most notably the Polish Jews. Most of the society of modern Israel consists of Jewish converts, when in pre-war Poland most of the Jews was Jews of the birth. 

From one million of registered Jews in Poland only few thousands of them has survived. Mostly they are like in pre-war society Jews of birth. And we must keep this in the memory when are talking about the Israel and the Holocaust. 

The true victims of it was a Jews of Birth that are currently margin of the society. Not only in Israel but also in the whole world. That is why we must differentiate Jews and pay the respect to the True Victims of Holocaust. Those that are Jews in the racial terms.

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