Sunday, September 25, 2016

Little prince Radziwill

“It is such a mysterious place, the land of tears.”
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Yesterday it was Max Mannheimer who forced him to give so pessimistic view on future of this planet but today morning he was not so surprised that the media has compared him to 'dead man walking'. 

More correct and poetic description has been already made by Antoine de Saint Exupery in his Little Prince novel. The little prince Radziwill was living on the empty asteroid together with his beautiful rose.

It is an irony of the fate that this novel has been published just after Adolf Hitler announced mass extermination of his people. In this context, the Little prince was a prophetic lecture describing future world. But can this world survive next asteroid?

The Lord doubts in this. In the past, before the Shoah, he has been always able to find himself and his people becoming political leader. Now, from three generations from the Shoah such things has never occurred. 

There is an empty space left, just as after the Temple in Warsaw, that cannot be replaced by the disguisers, even circumcised ones. It was always his people - the Polish Jews - that was making him a true leader even in the times of occupation by the Partitioning Powers. 

It was not a case during Soviet reigns, and it is not a case in contemporary Poland. Instead he has been hunted down, crashing not one Tupolev and now he is begin called the living zombie. 

But aren't just a living dead those ones that call him so? When the time of Judgment will come, they can become pretty dead while he, together with his son and his roses will fly away to find not an asteroid but just another planet Earth. To create new civilization, far from this one that treated him and his people so badly.

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