Thursday, September 1, 2016

Oberleutnant von Szydlo

While we are talking with Russians about future of Poland in the country there are lasting Smolensk festivities. At the occasion of educational reform Polish PM and close ally of Jaroslaw Kaczynski has gave a show of her true intentions.

Including the Smolensk appeal in the commemorations of beginning of II World War at Westerplate is a true smile of the history. In his fascist ideology Kaczynski surpass himself.

But what Beata Szydlo has said? She, to quote her, stated with her usual Teutonic proud: “We will not liquidate grammar schools, we will contaminate them”. And this is a whole strategy of ruling PiS towards the Lord.

This konzentrationslager Europa – works very simply – the rulers are 'defending' the Lord from the threats – murdering nerds – as once Nazi was doing in the Sobiór at same time doing everything to stop the Lord from development and prosperity.And he? He is just singing in his boat, as once Szymon Srebnik was doing.

In their Martian drive they count that at the end – groggy to the limits – he will commit suicide – shooting like his brother – into his chest. What would otherwise ends the Martian civilization.

This would not happen, as the very same people – Szydlo masters from the Malta Order - are preparing different play. The Lord is not afraid of Szydlo strategy but he is very sad because of Raga. They does not give her any chances. Why the poor always die?

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