Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Smolensk investigations

For everyone that is following Smolensk thread on our blog there is a kind of breaking news. After the suspected death of Ukrainian Proshenko right hand the PiS government is softening their stance on the Lord and Smolensk crash.

Today they has announced new investigations on this case. First one, to use their wording, on 'damaging the wreckage', the second one on 'falsifications'. Yes there was a lot of them. 

But our Minister of Defense did not said his last word. The third investigation is on the 'diplomatic betrayal'.

Yes, the Lord has betrayed our fascist telling Russians of his lost son but it is still up to Poles, ops, Maltese, to make a peace deal. There is still a time to hold meeting between the Lord and his firstborn son. Tanks are waiting....

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