Friday, September 23, 2016


My oath, my song shall be:
To serve you, true and loyal,
My brown-clad company!
Die Braune Kompanie (SA March)

Today Polish combatants has decided that they do not welcome Polish Army at their commemorations. They does not want so called Smolensk Appeal to be included in it.

The Polish PM Beata Szydlo while is kind of the buffer between Kaczynski and the Lord is going to make reconstruction of her government but main prophet of Smolensk religion Minister of Defense Antoni Macierewicz will probably survive it, as is at same time a right-hand of Jaroslaw Kaczynski.

But on the ground situation is not so funny for any of us. The Lord has been recently in neighboring city to his hometown and has spotted many young people in the military uniforms.

The country in the face of real possibility of the Russian invasion certainly needs such manifestations of patriotism but in his eyes these youngsters are no different that the Nazi 'brown shirts'. 

This is only a prelude to Macierewicz units of Territorial Defense. Under such a fascist leadership this formation could be no different from Nazi Sturmabteilung (SA). A Macierewicz Pretorian Guards.

Learning in this formation a just a fascist ideology or maybe rather a Smolensk religion will not make any of us prouder. The situation if it comes to the morale of our Army is not good. And that see not only Polish combatants that was once fighting with the very same ideology of revenge and anti-semitism... 


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