Sunday, September 18, 2016

UN Kid

While it is time of the UN General Assembly the politicians shall not by in the center of attention. This time the regional and possibly world peace depends from 13 years old kid.

His god-father Polish President Andrzej Duda will be deciding soon if he will allow the Lord and his first-born son to meet but he does not seem to be interested in this at all. Not thinking what can happen to the country if such meeting would not happen. 

It is the Lord and his first-born son that have a right to decide if exchange or not the Cold Fusion invention. Something that Russians are very afraid as they can lose all the huge income from the oil and gas export.

If this divine duo will meet and will agree to postpone the exchange they possibly will together save the country from the Russian invasion that otherwise would be imminent, as Russians would like to take over the Lord nest to block it.

Everything depends from Duda and if the OPEC and Russians will not explain him his situation soon we will face the Fusion War that easily can become global one. 

It would be good if Duda would return from this meeting with the clear picture of the situation. It will be also good if in first place he will put interest of Poland over those of the West.

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