Tuesday, October 4, 2016

After party

With world leaders and the Lord it is always like on this painting. They will never touch themselves. Best example is Obama that his messenger replied that he will do everything 'after'. 

He plans after the Presidency to become Venture Capitalist and to finance Lord commercial activities. He is to busy murdering idiots and buying Iranian dresses now to do anything for the Lord for real. 

It is of course naive thinking that will never get realized, as Ms. Obamas are going to be replaced by the Maltese clones. What they did then to do Lord? Literally NOTHING.

Same is with Putin and Medvedev, they say they are supporting Nina on the battlefield. Well, I will tell you what will happen with Nina after they will replace You.

She would be allegedly taken to the Ukraine to Sigmunt and it is probable that Poles will mount rescue campaign like they did in times of Pilsudski. Anyway, at the end of this long story, she will reunite with the Lord to eventually became his wife. All this without you.

Dear Vladimir, as you know I respect you best from this gang but this 'support' you give is illusionary. You can wait for after, but it will never happen. You will be replaced as others from this group. In fact doing nothing for the Lord and his causes. And that is why Lord with his son will simply depart this planet, forever.

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