Thursday, October 6, 2016

Bombing Assad

Today Russians has stated that "bombing Assad would start III World War". Such statement is not surprising but what could be surprising is that they are seriously considering such an option. 

Americans replied that bombing Assad is not in their interest but there are such an options on the table. What it will means in practice? That the murdering of jerks or 'deescalating violence' as you prefer will continue.

And the Lord does not have anything against such thing. This struggle continues from the beginning of time and Inferno is accomplishing him since always. The problem is that both sides are limiting themselves to the Malta Script. A script that is designed for partitioning of Poland. 

Well, maybe "the grandson will regain his forefather land" on the Russian bayonets. So the Lord will continue to embitter Moscow's bloodhounds to force Poles to peace talks. "Get Fusion, Manowski". Fusion.

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