Sunday, October 23, 2016

Coffee please

Situation with Lord and Amanda only on first look is like on this Nazi propaganda picture. She is certainly entwined by the Spider net of the Kabbalah but it is little bit deeper.

This toxic relation is bi-directional. What would happen then if the Lord would take up Cecilia? Amanda would be served last coffee. She would be poisoned. 

For Kaczynski fascist she is a symbol of resistance and that symbol would be removed if no longer needed. Thus, the only option both have is to endure through this Kabbalistic time until Amanda ex-boyfried would 'rescue' her from the Lord 'oppression'. 

This will not be a sweet time, as some are trying to paint but it is necessary for her to pass through it together. The alternative is a death, such are a rules of the Malta Order and the Lord cannot do anything with that. 

Therefore we will soon observe a picture that Witkacy painted after having same poisonous romance with her. The Lord does not have any other expectation but he understand it is necessary for Amanda survival.

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