Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Blood and cocaine

He was our biggest hope. Black President of the US from the Pilsudski stable. He came out to be our biggest defeat. Barack Hussain Obama.
He has made an Smolensk inferno and is one of most responsible one. Instead of  taming influx of Polish hogs he has gave vent to his bestiality. Murdering them. One by one. In the cocaine rush. 

And where was Lord that time? Scrabbling for food in the trash. Begging on the street for a money to try to defend himself from the false accusations of murdering his ex-girlfriend. 

They claim that they was like Pilsudski Strzelcy. How it then could be that Pilsudski has reached a historical bottom then to be later inprisoned? In the eyes of the Lord they was no different from Nazi from Smolensk having fun from gassing Jews in the vans. One by one. In the cocaine rush.

Now he is done. His time is running out, as Maltese in next move of the script are going to replace him and his followers. One by one. 

No, he will not have any burial ceremony. He do not need to buy his daughter a funeral dress. He and Michele will be replaced in silence. The illusion for the masses will be unbroken. Game will be continued. And again they will be murdering one by one. In the cocaine rush.

Nobody will miss you. Nobody will cry after you, maybe except your daughters, Mrs. Obamas. Nobody will take care. Nobody will notice. Even the Lord that you said you was serving. On the streets of Brussels or maybe just in the Sobibor camp that you have created.

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