Wednesday, October 5, 2016

As far, as Szczecin

Hindenburg could be little discontent with recent public opinion pool that gave his nationalist 29% compared to Petru Nowoczesna party with 25% but there is no revolution in the Weimar Republic.

When it comes to the Lord situation not going to change as both leaders tends to ignore him and his question. In recent show of arrogance Hindenburg stated that 'Tusk is not political partner' while Petru commented that 'We shall not pay attention to what he - Kaczynski - is plashing'. 

Both have in mind their Eternal enemy - the Lord. For both the peace deal with Russia is of no importance thus we can expect that Russian will quickly invade the country to take up the Lord nest and thus block the Cold Fusion exchange.

Still, the Lord will be plashing, to show his lost son truth about Poland without Jews that is just a continuation of Weimar Republic. Hindenburg can think that he is really in Weimar but it is Poland that is going to be invaded. And only the peace deal could change that.

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