Sunday, October 9, 2016

Hindenburg mother

Hindenburg's people could not sleep for another night. At 3 am the Lord received new warning. The Malta Order is again focusing on his mother. Mother of God.

Soon she is going to be replaced and her eyes will turn a blue. A 'miracle' that nobody would be able to deny. Not only she, Malta is preparing whole string of replacements of the world leaders. She is just the jewel in the crown.
For Hindenburg party it will be a start of the end but they would not survive until the elections. This Maltese Script they play so blindly is the script for partitioning of Poland. First the Order will get dirty in Poland to be crushed by the very same Order but under the Red Banner. 

They has played same script against the Lord in times of partitioning of the Commonwealth of Both People. They played very same script in time of Swedish Deluge, Partitioning, January Uprising and during the Bolshevik invasion on Poland and they play it again now. This time however, nor Radziwill, nor Pilsudski is not going to rescue the fallen nation. Right Manowski?

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