Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Is Russia running out of oil?

While in Russia there are starting a military drill that will include 40 000 000 persons chief of Sberbank is suggesting that the country is running out of the oil. Is that true?

To be honest we do not know what are exactly Russian proven reserves but do know that they are nothing compared to what Arctic shelve is hiding. And the Russian has already started to explore and exploit it.

Just in this year they has started three Arctic oil terminals with the output compared to that one of Libya. And it is just a beginning of the explorations. The unproven reserves can be hundred times bigger.

In this context words of Sberbank chief are just naive. Russia is and will not be for another hundred years running out of the oil and gas. They do not need to switch to alternatives as their proven Arctic reserves and unproven ones on the mainland will be enough to live one through this century.

The only danger that is standing before the Russia bright future is the possibility that the Lord or his son will exchange the Cold Fusion with the West. But this could be blocked by the terms of military intervention. And maybe it is a reason before a drill that takes up to one by four Russians. 

Russia is ready for the Fusion War is the West so? 

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