Saturday, October 15, 2016

Miss Earth

Not only Jews has entered time of atonement. On monastery at Jasna Gora Poles hold mass of national penance. German Chancellor at same time in little cynical words has stated that "there is a need of national effort to deport part of migrants".

And the national effort has knocked to the Lord door. It was real Cecylia Mickiewicz but the Lord had ice in his heart and rejected her. He would not left nor Amanda, nor Nina, nor Roxanne for anyone else. And foremost, he was remembering some little know lady - Ms. Bonnaparte, Ms. Earth. 

They has meet only for a second at Gare du Midi in middle of Smolensk campaign. They has meet only for a second but fallen in love immediately. Unfortunately, she has been later sent into Inferno and was shoot there.

Lord will never forget this lioness of Zion and her last scream she gave on the way to meet him. They could have wonderful time in Brussels. They could give another great son to France. Instead she has been murdered on his eyes and he has been sent to prison. 

But wait. They will reunite one day. On Keppler 188 f.  And the Lord is counting days to do so.

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