Wednesday, October 5, 2016


It has passed exactly 200 years since first Lord Augustyn Gorzenski born in the enslavement has passed away. As usual, partitioning powers allowed him to live 60+ years. 

It was his son born as Adam Mickiewicz de Poraj that was judging the world in 1833. How it could be that the mankind survived that amid oppression that he has enjoyed? 

The first most important factor was a Jews. The Lord would not kill them even if he enjoyed unimaginable personal oppression. The other was his son Wincenty knows later as Piłsudski that has been born in the year of the Judgment.

Mickiewicz did never meet with his true father Augustyn but in 1831 was a guest at his true brother palace in Śmiełów. He has been then introduced to the Kabbalah. Soon after he has meet Cecylia and their firstborn son - Wincenty - was born in Dresden in 1833. 

When Mickiewicz was doing his judgment his further wife was probably pregnant or just gave the life to the Messiah - his successors. This has directly blocked him from before making the Last Judgment. 

Will it be that same story this time? Well, the Lord does not need a direct contact with his first-born son to explain him that civilization without Jews cannot endure. The need to depart from this planet to find another one is just encoded in his and his forefathers life.

The Poland without Jews is just an another Weimar Republic and there is no hope for the Lord to regain his lost 300 years ago position. That is why he is looking into the sky to found another Semitic civilization somewhere else. And that is a message he will left to his successor.

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