Monday, October 3, 2016

Obama tyrany

Today Obama has stated that "Donal Trump will make lasting damage". He has said Trump but had the Lord on his mind and indeed, removing the Lord from the Cold Fusion equation would means starting the Fusion War.

A war for independence from oil and gas imports. A war for which the United States are not ready.

However, it could be not this way. If the Obama would not rule, as the commendanto of biggest concentration camp. If the Obama would not limit himself for military interventions the things could be different turn. 

The times of Obama was however for the Lord times of life on the street. Times of prison. And for that the Lord is paying today back opening the gates to the biggest conflict of our times. 

For the negligence of their leaders both people of the West and East would pay the higest price in their blood. Would pay if the peace deal will be rejected by the Russians. 

And the biggest faulty for this would be Obama himself. Shame on you, Barrack. Buy a nice dress to your daughter or pay Iranian a ransom. You have already made a long lasting damage...

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