Monday, October 10, 2016

Passenger Joe

While Duda administration has lost somehow with the Lord son the European and NATO leaders was more serious. They has announced that 'are keeping a door for negotiations with Russia open'.

The problem is that Russians does nothing to get through this opportunity to negotiate the peace deal with the Lord and there are others that are trying to pass through it.

Before Andrzej has taken his car to get to the Lord barn they has organized an protest under the banner "We will not give you culture back!". It is not that they did not maybe knew Mickiewicz Switezianka. It is not that they did not maybe knew Bronislaw Pilsudski reason of drowning in Seine river. It is not that they did not maybe knew Witkacy photographs. 

Maybe they knew but the car Andrzej was riding was driving by Melanie or Czesia O. if you prefer. The same that the Lord has killed by crashing the bottle on her head. But wait... She is well and alive in Warsaw.

How many more will get on the same number? We do not know. What we know is that Andrzej had really good companion. Mayer Hersh, also 90 years old, survivor of Holocaust. This time a forefathers has won but different ones. Mickiewicz Forefathers. For real, dear Andrzej...

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