Sunday, October 2, 2016

Startup Weekend

While the Lord is looking for an investor into his company to give a chance to the poorer Raga twin, big powers has organized a startup weekend in Poznan. Everything would be alright if not that it is event but for his son. What a sense of humor. 

All over the world the Startup Weekend is organized for normal companies, but not in the Lord country. Here, they are doing it for his lost son. They think that they can take him for ice-creams and he will save the world.

We will sit down in our nest together, whole family. Even if spiritually i and every second of my existence will be recorded and open for his eyes. This was hundred years since extermination of the Lord people. Since the Holocaust. 

The Lord does not know how childish must be his oppressors and how mentally disintegrated they are if they does not understand that his first-born son will look on the Earth through eyes of his forefathers. 

They are naive to think that buying him ice-creams will change the situation. He will listen to his Father and will depart to the heaven to make another Semitic civilization, because that one we had on the Earth has been lost long time ago. And they did nothing to change that.

Excuse me. They did. Startup Weekend Kids. I heard that on Wilhermstrasse 33 is good ice cream parol. Ha, ha, ha...

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