Monday, November 28, 2016

Before departure

Russian Sputnik portraying Putin just before his departure counted 10 things that made him angry. There are much more things that made the Lord angry and are convincing him for his historic departure.

But this is not a topic of this post. There is another thing and it is about Vladimir and Dimitri. Not only Belorussians are worried observing Moscow "Zapad-17" drill near our border.

Yes, there are exactly 17 years before the Lord will get access to his ship. The nest. There are exactly 17 years before he will need to make a judgment on the mankind. 

It can be a time in which he will punish it, departing to some another planet or maybe reward it, offering the Cold Fusion advance. And that makes Moscow really nervous. 

They does not think even about the option that the Lord could depart this planet. They think only about Cold Fusion and possible lose of income from oil and gas exports.

This is not only Vladimir personal thing but whole military machinery that is going to be put on high alert having the invasion on the Lord country as the only vital possibility of blocking such an advance. Will they risk Lord departure? Begin put in life or death situation possibly yes.

But this is not only option which Russians have. The other is a peace deal. Something that could prevent the Lord to depart the planet and at other hand prevent the Cold Fusion exchange. 

Why then Putin and Medvedev are ignoring this option, instead putting everything at the war? Did they did even single step towards the peace deal? No, instead they are putting their army on alert. Not spending any effort for a peace deal, they spend millions for a war.

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