Saturday, November 26, 2016

Castro brothers

Fidel is finally gone but his death opened a new chapter, a reminiscence of ideology on which Blosheviks NKVD was founded. Just minutes after Iranian Press TV informed of Castro death some little know Ayatollah warned that 'terrorists will pay for carnage'.

The red fascism is not new for the Lord and he knows very well that one day his loyal officers can end up just like those one of his grandfathers. In Katyn and Ostaszkow. 

It is irony, that Kaczynski and Raul are sick now on this same disease of revenge but this is not worrying him. He knows that Ayatollahs have already a game plan in their minds and the word 'carnage' was not used by accident. 

He sees already a picture of the Red Revolution where Amanda ex-boy friend will strum a luxury palace in which both 'lovers' will soon be placed. The Red Hordes will come driven by the Cold Fusion fears. 

The Red Hordes will come 'liberate' Amanda and the mankind. The Red Hordes will come with a greater plan. Greater solution. They will come to rape him with replacement of his cosines - Agnieszka.

The point is that such children, while would dissolve Jewish nation, would not save a planet. There are only 17 years to the Day of the Judgment and such an offspring would need to be matured. It is too late for your Maltese plan, dear Sistani. Dear fools...

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