Friday, November 11, 2016

Last days

It was maybe one of the last Independence Day for Poles. Lord doubts that in the context of the upcoming Fusion War their country will celebrate 100 years of that Independence that his fore-fathers brought.

Looking on the people gathered on Pilsudski square he was thinking how different population they are from that one that was creating II Commonwealth. The Holocaust has taken his harvest and now he only saw ulcerated faces and catted ears and minds of the people. How different they are from the originals.

Was this still Poland, he though listening to the appeal of the fallen where names of his fathers and their great companions was mixed with the names that fallen during the Smolensk crusade. Genetically and spiritually it is not Poland. It is Weimar Republic or rather Smolensk Republic.

The Lord is sure that this bastard of the nations will not survive his 100 birthday. Day before the celebrations the supreme leader Kaczynski has made a clear dictatorship statement. “We need to undertake difficult fight. Most will take up our side”, he has said.

What a fight Kaczynski have on the mind? The elections in the U.S. has been, thanks God, lost by the replacement-prone Hilary Clinton but Malta clowns will not give up. The Kaczynski masters from the Malta Order are still preparing replacement of not only world leaders and Kaczysnki will take a leading role in that operation.

Where he will this way lead his country we had saw in times of Partitioning of Commonwealth of Both Pople and Bloshevik invasion of 1920. It is same script and same direction that this so called Polish leader is going...

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