Sunday, November 13, 2016

My friend Donald

Many in Russia have a hope that Trump presidency will bring a better relations of that country with the U.S but is it possible in the context of the Cold Fusion? The ways in which Trump could react are quite limited.

He can of course ignore the issue but it is certain that Russia will not. Their huge incomes from oil and gas are threatened and against what Putin says, Russia will do everything to protect it for another century. If, they will listen to the radicals from other oil-giant, Iran, they will ignore the peace option and will go on war to secure the Lord nest, so he will be not able to exchange Cold Fusion.

In this context Trump administration will need to act. The powerful pro-ecological lobby is already screaming of global warming effects and it is only matter of time that this forces will understand what a Cold Fusion could mean for a world.

But in the new situation that the Lord has created the only way to achieve this ground breaking technology is to defend the Lord nest from before the Russian invasion. This is something that politicians like Marie LePen does not understand.

Will then Trump be a friend of Russia? In the context of Cold Fusion, certainly not. But will he be a friend of the peace deal that the Lord is proposing by postponing the exchange for some decades?

For ecologist the answer would be no. They will be certainly pushing Trump for an open confrontation in Poland. Is this bad? Looking from the interest of Poland certainly not but that could mean the III World War.

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