Monday, December 26, 2016

Secret of Bethlehem star

Its true that the Lord have a first born son but it is true also that his son is missing a star that would make him the Lord heir.

This little Pilusdski mole on the Lord ear is still in the place. Unlike his father he still bears it and this means only one thing. That the mother of his first born son is of the Aryan race, thus their son is also of Aryan not Jewish race.

Tremble, oh servants of Satan. The Lord is still in the power and will show you no mercy.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Candy shop

In the last Ester you have been told about LORD first born son. In this Christmas you have learned that LORD plays also by the race.

It means that he is at literally unlimited power and is able to crash all the Satanic opposition to the ground. There are no limits of his power and you shall keep this in your mid when you will be making your decisions in next years.

The tribe of sons and daughters of Levi are well and even Preisdient Duda was not able and will be not able to remove it from the power. The 'accident' of his presidential limousine can be repeated at hand at any moment. If he will turn from the path of the Lord.

Some of you, next year will be put by the Malta Order against the Lord and his family but if you will turn on to this Satanic road, you must count with the repercussions. You will find yourself as the candy in the candy shop where only the Lord will be choosing.

You can be crashed to the ground, as Mr. Duda in his car. The power of the Lord is unlimited and the the ranks of sons of Levi will grow with each day nearer and neare to the Judgment Day. There is no way to resist this influence and no stake to take on the Satanic way.

The numbers of sons of Levi will be uncountable on the Day of the Judgment and you must be idiot to stand on the Satan side. You will be crashed like the earth by the rock.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Trump latest choices for heads of Department of Energy and Department of State shows his true face. It is deep irony that he has made this announcement on the day on which Poles commemorate Martial Law introduced by General Jaruzelski.

He also wanted foremost from the Lord father to have a son. He has provided him decent life as the engineer until his son was born. Then, in very same insanity that Trump, he has decided to make him a dog like creature.

With the latest advances in the medicine and electro shock they has achieved the goal. The reason? Jaruzelski was sure that in this state of the mind the Lord, or DOG will bring him his secrets from the nest.

But that was impossible. The security system in the Lord ship would not allow him even to enter on board. And the Soviet has ended with the cripple. Soon the Soviet Empire has collapsed.

This is not accident that Putin has showed today his dog to the world. Some, like Trump really believed in the acronym of the God. Hau are you, mr Trump. The Lord will remeber you that.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Judging the Fusion

Dear Vladimir. It's true that West played badly by putting the Lord in the prison but it is true also that You did nothing towards the peace deal that could postpone the Cold Fusion. 

You had a chance to invest into the Lord company but nether you or any OPEC country did not did that. Now the Maltese will put the money on the table and you will be left with the finger in the potty. 

But it is true that judging the Cold Fusion is no so simple. The Lord still does not believe it is right time to introduce this ground breaking invention. From the other hand he is willing to punish oilgarchy for their longstanding arrogance by cutting off their source of income.

What he will do then having from both sides negative input? The choice would be simply to give or not to give the Cold Fusion but there is another, third way. He would just leave the planet looking for another start on another one. A possibility that will become certain when you would invade his country.

Saturday, December 3, 2016


Upcoming meeting of OPEC in Moscow can be truly a partitioning event for Poland and Ukraine. While officially an oil freeze will be discussed on the sidelines OPEC and non-OPEC members will make their stance on the possibility of the exchange of Cold Fusion. Something that would freeze their huge incomes...

The Moscow plays childish stating that also the West did not financially contributed to the case of the Lord. We have saying that true friends you meet in times of troubles.

The Moscow shall not worry of the West, they are preparing a traditional 1 million dollar ransom. What is Moscow preparing is nothing but the tanks and troops on the border. And the Lord is not silent about that.

Anyway, such thinking is childish, as the Lord have better option that sharing the Cold Fusion. He is going simply to depart this planet to find another one. Something that would become imminent when Russians will decide to invade his country.

The Russians had a chance for a peace deal that would postpone introduction of the Cold Fusion but through the whole year did not made any single step in that direction, simply ignoring the issue. 

The time is running fast and soon the Lord can be in position to withdraw his support for the eventual peace solution to the Cold Fusion dilemma.  Soon, he can have no ear for Putin or Medvedev, as they has played so childish. He would remember them that...

Friday, December 2, 2016

Opening Hand

While everybody is thinking on how Donald Trump foreign policy will looks like Chinese Leader Xi Jinping is opening his hand towards the West. In his latest work he calls for building socialists ecological civilization

We knows from US Presidential Campaign that China is for Trump number one enemy. We knows also that he is a kind of open Russophile. Its is a dangerous mixture, very wrong in the context of possible exchange of the Cold Fusion.

It is not myth, it is a reality. If the Lord would be willing to exchange this technology with the West, soon he would find his country invaded by the Russians. Such an invasion is the only way they can block such an exchange.

In this context Donald Trump shall redefine his world view and shall listen to Chinese leader, as both could share same dream. Dream of clean energy that would forever drop Western and China dependency on the imports of fossil fuels.

The new ecological civilization is still possible despite of the Russian opposition. If the world nations will turn to the Lord, he can also open his hand and share secrets of the Cold Fusion. 

Even if that would mean a total war with the Russians it would be a war for world independence from oil and gas. A war for bright future of this planet. A war in which China could be game changing ally.