Sunday, December 25, 2016

Candy shop

In the last Ester you have been told about LORD first born son. In this Christmas you have learned that LORD plays also by the race.

It means that he is at literally unlimited power and is able to crash all the Satanic opposition to the ground. There are no limits of his power and you shall keep this in your mid when you will be making your decisions in next years.

The tribe of sons and daughters of Levi are well and even Preisdient Duda was not able and will be not able to remove it from the power. The 'accident' of his presidential limousine can be repeated at hand at any moment. If he will turn from the path of the Lord.

Some of you, next year will be put by the Malta Order against the Lord and his family but if you will turn on to this Satanic road, you must count with the repercussions. You will find yourself as the candy in the candy shop where only the Lord will be choosing.

You can be crashed to the ground, as Mr. Duda in his car. The power of the Lord is unlimited and the the ranks of sons of Levi will grow with each day nearer and neare to the Judgment Day. There is no way to resist this influence and no stake to take on the Satanic way.

The numbers of sons of Levi will be uncountable on the Day of the Judgment and you must be idiot to stand on the Satan side. You will be crashed like the earth by the rock.

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