Sunday, December 4, 2016

Judging the Fusion

Dear Vladimir. It's true that West played badly by putting the Lord in the prison but it is true also that You did nothing towards the peace deal that could postpone the Cold Fusion. 

You had a chance to invest into the Lord company but nether you or any OPEC country did not did that. Now the Maltese will put the money on the table and you will be left with the finger in the potty. 

But it is true that judging the Cold Fusion is no so simple. The Lord still does not believe it is right time to introduce this ground breaking invention. From the other hand he is willing to punish oilgarchy for their longstanding arrogance by cutting off their source of income.

What he will do then having from both sides negative input? The choice would be simply to give or not to give the Cold Fusion but there is another, third way. He would just leave the planet looking for another start on another one. A possibility that will become certain when you would invade his country.

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