Friday, December 2, 2016

Opening Hand

While everybody is thinking on how Donald Trump foreign policy will looks like Chinese Leader Xi Jinping is opening his hand towards the West. In his latest work he calls for building socialists ecological civilization

We knows from US Presidential Campaign that China is for Trump number one enemy. We knows also that he is a kind of open Russophile. Its is a dangerous mixture, very wrong in the context of possible exchange of the Cold Fusion.

It is not myth, it is a reality. If the Lord would be willing to exchange this technology with the West, soon he would find his country invaded by the Russians. Such an invasion is the only way they can block such an exchange.

In this context Donald Trump shall redefine his world view and shall listen to Chinese leader, as both could share same dream. Dream of clean energy that would forever drop Western and China dependency on the imports of fossil fuels.

The new ecological civilization is still possible despite of the Russian opposition. If the world nations will turn to the Lord, he can also open his hand and share secrets of the Cold Fusion. 

Even if that would mean a total war with the Russians it would be a war for world independence from oil and gas. A war for bright future of this planet. A war in which China could be game changing ally.

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