Saturday, December 3, 2016


Upcoming meeting of OPEC in Moscow can be truly a partitioning event for Poland and Ukraine. While officially an oil freeze will be discussed on the sidelines OPEC and non-OPEC members will make their stance on the possibility of the exchange of Cold Fusion. Something that would freeze their huge incomes...

The Moscow plays childish stating that also the West did not financially contributed to the case of the Lord. We have saying that true friends you meet in times of troubles.

The Moscow shall not worry of the West, they are preparing a traditional 1 million dollar ransom. What is Moscow preparing is nothing but the tanks and troops on the border. And the Lord is not silent about that.

Anyway, such thinking is childish, as the Lord have better option that sharing the Cold Fusion. He is going simply to depart this planet to find another one. Something that would become imminent when Russians will decide to invade his country.

The Russians had a chance for a peace deal that would postpone introduction of the Cold Fusion but through the whole year did not made any single step in that direction, simply ignoring the issue. 

The time is running fast and soon the Lord can be in position to withdraw his support for the eventual peace solution to the Cold Fusion dilemma.  Soon, he can have no ear for Putin or Medvedev, as they has played so childish. He would remember them that...

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