Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Trump latest choices for heads of Department of Energy and Department of State shows his true face. It is deep irony that he has made this announcement on the day on which Poles commemorate Martial Law introduced by General Jaruzelski.

He also wanted foremost from the Lord father to have a son. He has provided him decent life as the engineer until his son was born. Then, in very same insanity that Trump, he has decided to make him a dog like creature.

With the latest advances in the medicine and electro shock they has achieved the goal. The reason? Jaruzelski was sure that in this state of the mind the Lord, or DOG will bring him his secrets from the nest.

But that was impossible. The security system in the Lord ship would not allow him even to enter on board. And the Soviet has ended with the cripple. Soon the Soviet Empire has collapsed.

This is not accident that Putin has showed today his dog to the world. Some, like Trump really believed in the acronym of the God. Hau are you, mr Trump. The Lord will remeber you that.

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