Thursday, March 16, 2017


Turkey Foreign Minister was very right when commenting Dutch elections noticed that there is not too much difference between Rutte and Wilders. Both are not only in his eyes fascist. 

The most of Dutch voters was undecided to the end. They are not happy from the way their prime minister, or generally, mainstream parties are playing this game. They did nothing to support Lord struggle and are only taking satisfaction from deaths he is causing by his existence. 

But unlike in 20'ts past century Wilders and other Maltanes paws did not captured the public opinion by the Kabbalah girls they has prepared for the Lord. It was his mother, the Mother of God, and the planned assassination and replacement that is on minds of the most. 

The Weimar's Kabaret is not working, as the Lord already pointed of true intentions of its organizers. But the traditional parties are of no help. And this is what Dutch voters see very clear. They has just chosen lesser evil.

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