Monday, March 13, 2017


Trump people will be coming to Poland to take a proof of my son rightfulnesses. A photo of his right ear, to be precise. But this was not on the mind of the Lord. He has noticed that also some other Poles understands in how grave situation is our land.

It was sign of good will from the Kremlin that they has put a question mark over 'China' being Middle-East mediator. It's true that Kaczynski does not think about establishing long-lasting friendship between our brotherly nations but doesn't his even close people do not see and seems not rember what a role Lord ancestor Augustyn Gorzenski has fulfilled during the Kosciuszko insurgency.    

The relation with Russia in the face of the Fusion War can go two directions. One will be Augustyn again put in the power and set up to make an official agreement on the capitualition of Kosciuszko uprising. The other leads us into Witkacy territory of Katyn. 

This is true that Kaczynski is afraid of the Lord begin put in power again. But does not his people think? Think of their and their land future...

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