Saturday, March 18, 2017

Mother... Russia

In Germany ruling party has called people to the demonstrations under banner of "Save the Europe" but if Mother of God is personification of something it is rather... Russia, not Europe.

It will be not only she that will be slain and replaced but also many of the world leaders, including Russian duo Putin and Medvedev. This will change situation in which we are now and the imminent threat of the Fussion War will be much bigger. 

The way of the peace will be lost and the only option for Russians to save their income from oil and gas will be to capture the Lord nest and deny the Lord a way to carry out this invention. 

The Lord will be still influential there and the personification of this influence will be Dimitri son - Ilya. However, this will be not so strong influence and rather he would turn to the stars. Leaving his conquered land and the planet, forever...

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