Monday, March 6, 2017


Was this accident that the Lord trip to the Netherlands was underlined by the announcement of Beniamin Netanyahu cabinet that the weed smoker will be in worst case punished by fine? Some not involved in the Kabbalah would doubt.

But this was not biggest issue raised during the visit. The whole world has been shocked by the Lord discovery of his son. But is it a real heir - the Messiah? Lord doubts, as his mother could be of Aryan strain.

Yes, the mother. Mother of God. Is not she in the shadow of so called Positive Change? Not so positive for one of Ragga sisters. Not so positive for the Lord land.

The Teutonic nature of the Malta Order is sharpened and undeniably confirmed by their mission to slain and replace Lord's Mother. What a price they are expecting to raise for the sake of Lord prosperity?

The are other ways thou. The Lord is going next month to visit another European state the Unite Kingdom. He is going there to finalize opening of his company. This is a good way, without Nazi money. But will he success in that?

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