Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Tusk dilema

While Kaczynski is doing everything against Tusk candidature on the face of UE in reality he would not have anything against it. In their un-Holy Mission the Malta Order plans to replace not only mother of the God.

Tusk shall rethink if for the good of the continent he shall ask for re-election but like Hilary will take a dangerous and little suicidal ride and will do everything to keeps himself in the power. Maybe he thinks he will be more secure through that.

The Lord is hearing little resistance against the Malta Order but this voices are left alone, as this persons are considered losers of the game. Their leaders will fade down and will be probably replaced.

When it comes to Kaczynski - he has Japanized his way - fighting like a true Samurai. Very brown one but this is not a problem for him. The history will be written by those one that will come out from the fight victorious and the world seems to be ready to forgot this true story of the Lord and his people.

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