Saturday, April 29, 2017


The Malta Order has decided to elect new interim leader and to perform reforms of their constitution. Will they also decide to reform ancient script that they carry almost each generation?

Ahead of the elections the Lord has warned them of serious consequences in caring this script. The Lord hopes that the interim leader will be wise enough to modify the scripture and save Lord's mother and allies from the replacements. 

It's especially dangerous when it comes to the Russian Federation that is on the verge of entering the Fusion war. A conflict that could be otherwise avoided through peace negotiations. 

It's highly unlike that the planned replacements will be made during this one year reform period.

Friday, April 28, 2017


A voice cries: “In the wilderness prepare the way of the LORD; make straight in the desert a highway for our God.
Isaiah 40:3

The Pope Francis starting his Egyptian voyage stated that "no violence can be made in the name of the God". It is in direct opposition in what the Lord believes and teaches.

He has already called on the memory of the Tribe of Levi warning those preparing Maltese replacement that they will have no place to hide from before Him. 

Everyone that would put his hand into these Teutonic rituals will be punished by death. Everyone. From the head to the fingers. All those that will participate in this devil's play will be slain by the Lord and his loyals. 

The day of the Judgment is closer and closer with every year and soon even hottest opponent of the Most High will realize that they are trapped. The mankind will have no other option that to surrender to the Lord glory or to face total extermination. 

The whole civilization can be destroyed at the Lord's will and lives of individuals, whatever powerful they was will be in this context not worth anything. They all will be slain in the name of the Lord, God of Israel. 

Even if the Lord have his Son already, you cannot be safe from power of his wrath. His Son will be no different from his Father and there will be no mercy for you. 

Even if you will survive year 33 you cannot pass the year 44. The Lord, the Son and the Holy Spirit will be united on the day of the Judgment. So why you want to put yourself exposed to Them. Dear Malta Order?

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Changes Swallow

Just few days ago Lord has asked Donald Trump for not a words but a real actions. Yesterday the answer has come in presence of threat to cut-of all American help for Poland. A sign of true admission to the Cold Fusion issue.

Thus when today Lord has read that US is going to send for first time in history a gas to Poland he was also not surprised. What was surprising him was the reaction of Polish media that called this a 'changes swallow'.

What kind of swallow it is? The Trump is not interested into achieving the Cold Fusion that could give a true independence from oil and gas import for the Western world and China but he is interested in 'energy independence' in which he will created a huge oil carter from the resources in the Mexico Gulf. An 'energy independence' in which free world will buy gas and oil not from OPEC or Russia but directly from the United States.

This is a strategy that explain a lot and it is yet another 'swallow' that shows to the Poles that in the face of Russian aggression calculated for blocking Cold Fusion transfer they will be again left on the battlefield alone.

That is why he once again is appealing Polish President and all those patriots that know about whereabouts of his Son to make a possibility a meeting between this two. This is the only way to keep independence of Poland. A way through negotiation with Moscow possible postponing of introduction of the Cold Fusion...

Monday, April 24, 2017

Heavenly Kingdom

When Lord was in the Netherlands he has meet some powerful lady but when asked for help she declined saying 'Your people was slain and we do not want to share their fate”. Remarkable and honest words made on the occasion of Holocaust commemoration.

That is true, the Lord people has been slain almost century ago and that has changed the Earth into non habitable land and that is why the Lord is looking into the stars to find another planet and recreate the Kingdom lost here.

The rulers and common people did nothing to compensate Lord looses and it is something that is not going to change. How to compensate it, someone could ask. The people that was living on Lord's land are not going to be resurrected here. That is true. But once they can return with Lord power on the another planet.

Netanyahu, leader of Israeli that Lord's does not respect so much as true, racial, Jews that he has lost here said that 'we must be ready to defend our-self' that is true when it comes to him personally. Malta Order do not feels human feelings. Have no understanding that it is after actually. The Lord's people has been slain and he has been destroyed to the ground.

In their sadistic manner they are preparing new wave of extermination. Beginning from the top leaders to the smallest. That is something that we will be observing in the coming decades, as once Lord grandfather was doing.

Lord does not feel bad about this Dutch lady that opened this posts but you must also feel not sorry once he or his son will live this planet, forever. To fund another Heavenly Kingdom somewhere in the skies. Because this one that he had here is not existing since century.  


The Lord has made his birthday trip to Eindhoven. It was a nice time however he has noticed that the West was truly crashed by news on his possible Son. After this revelation many there was blaming him for upcoming invasion by Russia.

That is true. The Lord has announced the news on his lost Son with aim to punish the West for their wrongdoings and the invasion on his land to stop possible exchange of the Cold Fusion is certain. What is interesting that almost nobody was thinking about fighting for the Cold Fusion.

That is certainly a bad news for Radziwillow Palace. The people of the West are like meek sheep and does not have any hope for quitting their gas and oil addiction. This shall make our President be more gutsy when speaking of the possibility of enacting peace deal with Russia. If he will count on the West he will be badly surprised as once we wast in 1939.

The other thing that Lord has noticed is that there is no resistance against his mother replacement. People was feeling sorry for that but they was saying it is a certain thing. Well, as certain, as the war with Russia.  

Monday, April 17, 2017

Trump posture

Donald Trump after recent Katyn post has announced that will not tolerate threats to Allies, Partners but in the ears of Lord its just empty words. The situation needs more that words Mr. Trump.

When Polish Minister of Defense was announcing in his Easter message that 'Poland is safe now' it was same empty words. In mean time Kremlin has doubled their presence on the Western border. 

Is not American battalion they has sent there reminiscence of the very same battalion that was fighting in the Battle of Warsaw time? NATO presence on the Eastern flank is still symbolic. Much less that is needed to defeat the Russians. 

At this point we must formulate a question, very basic one. Is not another conflict that would provoke Russian aggression just on the hand of American President that would preform his massive oil-drills in the Gulf of Mexico?

Aren't the words of American President somehow disconnected from his actions and deeds? We can achieve true Energy Independence. That is true. But are the words correlated to the actions? 

It's true we must be prepared for the Russian invasion but are we going to provoke one? The efforts of White House seems to be on the second one.  You will not convince the Lord, Mr. Trump with the empty words, whatever they will be beautifully. He needs some action. Real one.

Katyn effect

There is something in similar between Poland and Israel in the context of the Cold Fusion. Both are hostage of oil and gas producing countries - Russia and Iran.

What would for since happen if the Lord or his Son would exchange Fusion with the West. Would not both countries would be hit in the revenge that would excess this one we know from the Katyn forest? 

The Russian Empire would behave like a deadly hit beast that would be inestimable in their response. The wish of revenge would blind them and certainly they would put their forces on invasion. How far, we do not know.

For that reason instead of trying to cheat Russians Poles shall not let die for the Western interests from which they does not have anything. And the Russians shall remember that nether the Lord or his Son want to see remake of Katyn for his people.

The best way forward for both sides is to strike a deal to postpone introduction of the Cold Fusion and Poles, if they really hide the Lord son shall in the name of their future, come from the cover of the Presidential Palace and help us in reaching this deal. 

The deal that could not only save Poland but also save the planet, as the Lord would maybe cancel his plans to leave it..

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Long play

The tip from Kremlin has came immediately. It's going to be long play, Putin stated. It's true but events in Syria shows us clearly how fast Geo-political situation can change. And once on track, there will be no retreat.

Both Putin and Lord's brother Dimitri are reliable partners with who the final peace deal can be reached but what if somehow we will miss them? What if Malta plans to replace them with the clones will success?

Yes, certainly, like others Putin will wait for Lord to meet Amanda first but the Lord still looks into corner of this not so famous portrait of her. There his master Witkacy has put a date of 1920.

Will we not face a repeat of history then? What if Russian duo will be replaced by the Maltese? Will a power not be transfered into hands of Bolshevik generals? Will they be willing to negotiate the peace deal? Or, will Lord will be willing to do so?

Putin will wait. Will wait for his doomsday, showing once again to the Lord that he and his other fellows was imply not useful for anything. Putin will not have his chance to show a good will. He will be replaced, as others from this gang. And the Lord will be again facing invasion from the East. As once Witkacy with very same Amanda was facing...

Happy Easter

It's irony that in the XXI century they do not think about crucifixion the Son of the Man but just directly his father. He is no longer in power residing safely in the Heaven but is exposed to all their wickedness. 

Still even if they has throw him to prison for long years they was not able to execute him. Something has stopped them. Was is the vision of the Son of the Man sitting one day on the Throne to make judgment over them? 

Or maybe he is not even existing and what has stopped his Father oppressor was just this mystic verse of the Holy Bible on the end of the Jewish nation. Whatever reason has stopped them is still unknown to the Lord.

What he want to wish on that magical occasion when Western and Eastern Easter commemorations has crossed? To re-think your situation, as he has at many occasion expressed his wish to depart this planet forever. 

Something that could save you could be his peace plan to postpone introduction of the Cold Fusion for another century. But any of the sides in this puzzles, ether President Duda, nor President Putin did anything to materialize the deal.

For that reason for any of you this shall be not happy Easter. Soon, the world will be drawn into yet another World War. War for true Energy Independence. A war, however that could not have any other end that the Lord or his Son departing to another planet. And it will be again like in the teachings of the Church. Residing in Skies far from this fallen planet...

Thursday, April 13, 2017


If he is existing he is now 15 years old and in his hands lies future of not only Poland but also the globe. However, today Polish media suggested it is not.

For sure it would be easier to negotiate peace deal with Russians of postponing introduction of the Cold Fusion if he would be not born. If the decision would depend only from the Lord.

It was Kwasniewski time in the office and he seems to be best informed if the Lord son is real or just his imagination. The mole on the Lord's ear did not vanished and that was a case of Lord Father when the Lord came on this world.

That is true but is this certain? And moreover, is there a way to convice Russian side that the Lord's Son is not existing?

There are many traces left in the public space that deny this theory and Russians will certainly not wait until 2033, until the year of the Judgment. To rescue their oil and gas industries they will decide to invade the country to capture the Lord's nest earlier.

This issue is of biggest importance for the Polish nation and Polish authorities would need to make it clear and convice Russians whatever Lord son is real or not. The supposed mother need to be confronted with the Lord.

However, one basic question is raised. What if the Son is not existing. Why they treat the Lord so badly? Aren't they afraid that he will simply depart this planet to find another one? That will be certain if Russians will invade his country...

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Good will

Poland cannot count on Donald Trump engagement into the Fusion War but are we forced to go on the battlefield? There is still a room for negotiating peace agreement with Russia Federation but is there anybody in Poland interested in this?

Trump plan in the mega oil-drill in the Mexico Gulf makes our country or in general Europe to be left alone in the face of possible Russian invasion to block exchange of the Cold Fusion. But the decision to go on the front is still in the hands of Polish President.

He must understand how grave the situation is and do not look for help over the Atlantic. It is matter of be or not to be of our country and we will be left alone with this fundamental question. Does Poles shall die for Cold Fusion, if whole Western world do not seems to be interested at all in achieving it?

Duda shall rather look for dialogue with Moscow. The agreement in postponing introduction of the Cold Fusion is still at the hand and we need his blessing – a meeting between the Lord and his Son – to make this option a real one.

This is not easy way and it will need a lot of good will and trust from all the sides but this is the only way to guarantee sovereignty and prosperity of our country. We do not need to shed Polish blood for the stake of the Cold Fusion. Poles do not need to die for a cause that is not wanted by the U.S and Europe. There is another option in this War and Peace drama.

Drill Baby, Drill!

Trump is not interested in the Cold Fusion and thus Poland shall not count on his administration support in the upcoming war with the Russian Federation. His idea of 'energy independence' is simply to create bigger that OPEC oil and gas cartel based on resources in the Mexico Gulf.

The Trump administration's plans to expand oil and gas exploration in the Gulf of Mexico could have serious consequences for the oil market and the local environment, experts told the Russian newspaper

Donald Trump has stated he wants the US to achieve "energy independence" from the rest of the world and has prioritized energy and infrastructure projects.
In January he signed two executive orders to restart construction of the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines after they had been suspended by the Obama administration.
Trump's Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is also a supporter of energy independence. On Monday he announced that the Department of the Interior will lease 73 million acres of the US continental shelf off the coast of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida for oil and gas exploration and development.
The US outer continental shelf falls under federal rather than state jurisdiction. In 2016, the region produced 550 million barrels of oil and 1.25 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, accounting for 72 percent of the oil and 27 percent of the natural gas produced on federal lands.
The US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management "estimates that the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) contains about 90 billion barrels of undiscovered technically recoverable oil and 327 trillion cubic feet of undiscovered technically recoverable gas. The Gulf of Mexico OCS, covering about 160 million acres, has technically recoverable resources of 48.46 billion barrels of oil and 141.76 trillion cubic feet of gas," the Department of the Interior stated.
Trump plans to increase the proportion of federal oil and gas in the country's total production of fossil fuels. Most of the US production increase in recent years has primarily occurred on US shale plays situated on land belonging to individual US states.
In 2015, the federal share of total US oil production fell to 21 percent, down from 31 percent in 2006 and nearly 36 percent in 2010.
Overall US natural gas production has dramatically increased in recent years but production on federal lands has declined. In 2015, federal natural gas production comprised 16 percent of the total US output, down from 32.8 percent in 2006. 
Between 2006 and 2015, federal offshore production decreased by more than 50 percent, according to a scientific report produced for Congress last year.
Some US lawmakers are keen to open more federal lands for oil and gas development. Last month Oklahoma senator James Inhofe put forward a bill that would hand power over federal land to states, giving them the power to aggressively develop federal energy resources.
Mikhail Krutikhin of energy consulting company Rusenergy told the Russian newspaper that plans to ease drilling restrictions and lease more land for oil prospecting could turn the US into an oil exporter.
"According to preliminary estimates, hydrocarbon reserves in the new areas are about six times higher than those already discovered. If all Trump's initiatives are implemented, then the US may well stop being an importer of oil," Mikhail Krutikhin of energy consulting company Rusenergy told
Last month, analysts told Bloomberg that Trump's policies could lead the US to export as much as 800,000 barrels of oil per day this year. That amount is more than four OPEC countries. – Libya, Qatar, Ecuador and Gabon – produced in December. In the first 11 months of 2016, the US exported 527,000 barrels a day. 
However, drilling in the Gulf is fraught with safety and environmental risks. In 2010, the Deepwater Horizon oil rig operated by BP exploded, killing 11 people and leaking an estimated five million barrels of oil into the ocean.
Last year BP agreed a $20 billion settlement with the US government to compensate five states and local governments affected by the ecological disaster. The oil company had already spent some $28 billion on cleanup operations and compensations, and total payouts may eventually exceed $53 billion.
"The lessons of the 2010 accident have certainly forced a more responsible attitude to risk assessment. The underestimation of risk was one of the main causes of the disaster and the problems with the clear-up," Aleksey Knizhnikov of WFF Russia said.
"It is reasonable that the initiative to exploit reserves in the Gulf of Mexico should raise concerns, because today there are no guarantees that the disaster of 2010 will not happen again," Knizhnikov warned.

Monday, April 10, 2017


Jesus said to them, “Truly, I say to you, in the new world, when the Son of Man will sit on his glorious throne, you who have followed me will also sit on twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.
Matthew 19:28

Fascist from Radziwillow palace replied on Lord's demand to negotiate with his son a peace agreement with Russians by question. What the Lord will tell to his son? That he shall depart this planet to find another one?

Fools. They does not understand that on the Day of the Judgment Messiah will sit down on the throne in the Lord's nest and will read from humans hearths like from the open book. 

He will see all the life of his Father and he will get his message to leave the planet. Every beat of his hearth. Every breath will tell him this one message. Its time to leave this planet to populate another one. With Jews. With Aryans. With Arabs. Prima sort.

This message is already encoded by all the wrongdoings. The fascist can tell Lord's son a lies about Smolensk but on that day, day of the Judgment he will get know the truth. Truth of post Shoah civilization. Truth of his forefathers past and future.

The lies will not help you Mr. Duda. Nor will help you isolationism but by denying the Father his son you will send millions on the front. To the battle for Cold Fusion that you even could not gain.

Instead, after looking into the past generation and this devastation that Shoah did the Lord son as his Father will look into the skies. Into true heaven where they could live happily. Together with all this Semitic races that has almost vanished here.

Lesniow blessing

It's very bad that Polish President is hiding behind the hem of the skirt. It's of course easier to say that there will be Amanda and they will have a son and then we will crucify Him but what if he already have a son? The Messiah?

In the context of the Cold Fusion and threat it poses to Kremlin's oil and gas industries it would be easier if the Lord alone could propose Russians a peace deal to postpone introduction of this ground breaking technology.

But now the Lord have a son and he is probably the Messiah. It means that both the Lord and his Son have a power to decide on the future of the globe. What then with the Russians? Will they want to negotiate peace deal with this two or will rather invade the country taking back the Lord's nest and blocking effectively our transfusion?

This is open question but we will not know the answer on it until the Polish President will not raise the issue opening the negotiations with the Kremlin. If he will continue to ignore this issue he will effectivley give a country back into Russian hands.

He must understand that Amanda romance, like back in times of Witkacy, is a perfect mood for Russians invasion. When Witkacy meet her it was year 1920. The year of miracle of Vistula river. The year that thanks to Pilsudski and the Polish Army we have defeated Bolsheviks.

Now, the world seems to be unprepared for repeat of this scenario. Duda is not only ignoring the Lord son issue but whole Cold Fusion in general. Where it will lead the country the history has showed not once...

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Polish Fusion

"Who does not respects and value his own past, he is not worth of respect of today and does not have a right to future"
Marshall Józef Kelmens Piłsudski

Fascist in Warsaw will be celebrating for another time a Hindenburg crash but the country has been trapped into devil's trap. Partially because of the Lord will partially because of their own wrongdoings. 

The year in which the Lord or his son will sit down on his throne in the nest is coming quickly. Then they will decide if to depart the planet or stay and share with the mankind one more groundbreaking invention.

One of the possibilities is Cold Fusion that will once, forever bring an energy independence to the globe. However, such possibility Russian will try to block from all the force they have. 

Thus, for the country to survive this difficult time, there are only two options.

First is that Western leaders, possibly with China, will stand up on the battlefield to fight for the energy independence from Russia and OPEC cartel.

The other is that the peace deal will be made between the Lord and his son and the Russians to postpone the Cold Fusion for another century.

Both options are on the table.

Saturday, April 8, 2017


The meeting of Donald Trump and Xi Jinping was not exciting. The first has said that a progress has been made but is that for real? If West think seriously about achieving the Cold Fusion, he must forge an alliance with China.

Both sides shall be interested by this, as a industrial pollution is eating Chinese cities. The truly green alternative could be at their fingerprints if not Russia that would oppose it by means of the Red Army. 

In this sense West must sacrifice issues like Chine East Sea or Taiwan independence. Sacrifice them for higher goals of the energy independence. But does Donal Trump thinks in this categories?

What is Trump's independence? Is not this idea of huge oil drills that would make OPEC cartel a dwarf? Is he - Trump - thinking about forging Cold Fusion Alliance with Chinese. Also in the military sense?

We do not know yet. What we know is that Russian are not losing a time and soon Vladimir Putin will be visiting Mr. Jinping. At the occasion they will strike many energy deals. To further addict China and the World with fossil fuel. Russian fossil fuel.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Syrian euphoria

The reaction of Donald Trump will be left without comment. Instead of leading investigation on alleged chemical attack he has broken constitution without asking the Congress for allowance on the strike on base in Syria. What is interesting is the reaction of Polish President Duda.

He has enthusiastically supported the strike. Thankfully the EU was more cold and stated that 'there is no military solution for Syria'. That is more pragmatic approach having in mind that such simple provocation could lead us to the III World War.

The EU is more sceptical when it comes to Syria also maybe because of their Eastern frontier. Russians are living in the shadow of the upcoming year 2033 when the West could theoretically aquire the Cold Fusion from the Lord. That will cut off their huge income from the gas and oil and that would lead them into the war with Poland. War for access to the Lord nest.