Thursday, April 27, 2017

Changes Swallow

Just few days ago Lord has asked Donald Trump for not a words but a real actions. Yesterday the answer has come in presence of threat to cut-of all American help for Poland. A sign of true admission to the Cold Fusion issue.

Thus when today Lord has read that US is going to send for first time in history a gas to Poland he was also not surprised. What was surprising him was the reaction of Polish media that called this a 'changes swallow'.

What kind of swallow it is? The Trump is not interested into achieving the Cold Fusion that could give a true independence from oil and gas import for the Western world and China but he is interested in 'energy independence' in which he will created a huge oil carter from the resources in the Mexico Gulf. An 'energy independence' in which free world will buy gas and oil not from OPEC or Russia but directly from the United States.

This is a strategy that explain a lot and it is yet another 'swallow' that shows to the Poles that in the face of Russian aggression calculated for blocking Cold Fusion transfer they will be again left on the battlefield alone.

That is why he once again is appealing Polish President and all those patriots that know about whereabouts of his Son to make a possibility a meeting between this two. This is the only way to keep independence of Poland. A way through negotiation with Moscow possible postponing of introduction of the Cold Fusion...

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