Saturday, April 8, 2017


The meeting of Donald Trump and Xi Jinping was not exciting. The first has said that a progress has been made but is that for real? If West think seriously about achieving the Cold Fusion, he must forge an alliance with China.

Both sides shall be interested by this, as a industrial pollution is eating Chinese cities. The truly green alternative could be at their fingerprints if not Russia that would oppose it by means of the Red Army. 

In this sense West must sacrifice issues like Chine East Sea or Taiwan independence. Sacrifice them for higher goals of the energy independence. But does Donal Trump thinks in this categories?

What is Trump's independence? Is not this idea of huge oil drills that would make OPEC cartel a dwarf? Is he - Trump - thinking about forging Cold Fusion Alliance with Chinese. Also in the military sense?

We do not know yet. What we know is that Russian are not losing a time and soon Vladimir Putin will be visiting Mr. Jinping. At the occasion they will strike many energy deals. To further addict China and the World with fossil fuel. Russian fossil fuel.

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