Monday, April 24, 2017


The Lord has made his birthday trip to Eindhoven. It was a nice time however he has noticed that the West was truly crashed by news on his possible Son. After this revelation many there was blaming him for upcoming invasion by Russia.

That is true. The Lord has announced the news on his lost Son with aim to punish the West for their wrongdoings and the invasion on his land to stop possible exchange of the Cold Fusion is certain. What is interesting that almost nobody was thinking about fighting for the Cold Fusion.

That is certainly a bad news for Radziwillow Palace. The people of the West are like meek sheep and does not have any hope for quitting their gas and oil addiction. This shall make our President be more gutsy when speaking of the possibility of enacting peace deal with Russia. If he will count on the West he will be badly surprised as once we wast in 1939.

The other thing that Lord has noticed is that there is no resistance against his mother replacement. People was feeling sorry for that but they was saying it is a certain thing. Well, as certain, as the war with Russia.  

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