Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Good will

Poland cannot count on Donald Trump engagement into the Fusion War but are we forced to go on the battlefield? There is still a room for negotiating peace agreement with Russia Federation but is there anybody in Poland interested in this?

Trump plan in the mega oil-drill in the Mexico Gulf makes our country or in general Europe to be left alone in the face of possible Russian invasion to block exchange of the Cold Fusion. But the decision to go on the front is still in the hands of Polish President.

He must understand how grave the situation is and do not look for help over the Atlantic. It is matter of be or not to be of our country and we will be left alone with this fundamental question. Does Poles shall die for Cold Fusion, if whole Western world do not seems to be interested at all in achieving it?

Duda shall rather look for dialogue with Moscow. The agreement in postponing introduction of the Cold Fusion is still at the hand and we need his blessing – a meeting between the Lord and his Son – to make this option a real one.

This is not easy way and it will need a lot of good will and trust from all the sides but this is the only way to guarantee sovereignty and prosperity of our country. We do not need to shed Polish blood for the stake of the Cold Fusion. Poles do not need to die for a cause that is not wanted by the U.S and Europe. There is another option in this War and Peace drama.

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