Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter

It's irony that in the XXI century they do not think about crucifixion the Son of the Man but just directly his father. He is no longer in power residing safely in the Heaven but is exposed to all their wickedness. 

Still even if they has throw him to prison for long years they was not able to execute him. Something has stopped them. Was is the vision of the Son of the Man sitting one day on the Throne to make judgment over them? 

Or maybe he is not even existing and what has stopped his Father oppressor was just this mystic verse of the Holy Bible on the end of the Jewish nation. Whatever reason has stopped them is still unknown to the Lord.

What he want to wish on that magical occasion when Western and Eastern Easter commemorations has crossed? To re-think your situation, as he has at many occasion expressed his wish to depart this planet forever. 

Something that could save you could be his peace plan to postpone introduction of the Cold Fusion for another century. But any of the sides in this puzzles, ether President Duda, nor President Putin did anything to materialize the deal.

For that reason for any of you this shall be not happy Easter. Soon, the world will be drawn into yet another World War. War for true Energy Independence. A war, however that could not have any other end that the Lord or his Son departing to another planet. And it will be again like in the teachings of the Church. Residing in Skies far from this fallen planet...

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